Our Core Values

Our shared values continue to shape our original mission: to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors while playing an effective role as agents of economic and social change in the markets and communities in which we invest. We adhere to the principles that underpin our values: entrepreneurialism, accountability, collaboration, integrity and empathy.


We believe that without honesty, trust and reliability in delivery, we have nothing to offer to our clients. Your confidence in our service and intervention is our prime goal. We guarantee our promises.


The dynamic business environment in which we operate requires no rest for the mind. Our team of dynamic young innovative minds will match any business demand. At Ajax Capital Group Ltd, we believe that if it crosses your needs list, then it’s our problem.


Partnership is our approach. Your expectations are guarded as owned at Ajax Capital Group Ltd. It’s not just another job, it’s a new exciting challenge that we embrace with determination and ownership. Because responsibility demands confidence; your privacy is our security.


Organizations are unique and therefore should be approached likewise. At, Ajax Group Group Ltd, we believe that each client is unique and therefore we come to you with an open mind and a fresh approach. Standard procedure will only be standard if it meets your needs.